Free cancellation and full refund in government lockdown

Sanitary measures to be observed during your stay:


Mandatory: wash your hands with hydro alcoholic gel after each entry into the accommodation.

Ventilate the accommodation you occupy during the day as much as possible.

Sanitary measures taken by us before your arrival:


hydro alcoholic gel and soap are available free of charge upon arrival

The dishes are cleaned in a high temperature dishwasher

The linen is washed at 65 ° by the laundry with a virucide

The laundry is ironed at 190 ° by the laundry Clean linen remains in quarantine 48 hours before storage or use

The professional cleaning team is equipped with gloves, masks and gel.

The documentation is quarantined at least 72 hours after each customer departure before being made available.


Sanitary measures to respect upon your departure:


all the sheets used by you must be put in a dirty laundry bag so that nobody has to touch them until the laundry.

all the towels used by you must also be placed in a dirty laundry bag separate from that of the sheets.

All of your dirty dishes should be put in the high temperature dishwasher.



We wish you all a very good stay!